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At Designing Nashville we're all working together to make your project run smoothly and seamlessly. Our goal is to keep your renovation, design project, or addition on time and on budget. 

Together we're creating a beautiful and functional space that you love to live in.


We use cutting edge technologies to help us streamline the process and embrace an old school hard-working philosophy.  You're in good hands with our team.




I am a Contractor. I am a mother.  I am an artist.

Jenni is the founder and owner of Designing Nashville Custom Builders. Her love for building and design comes seamlessly together in her projects. You can be assured she will take the same time and attention on every project.

"I approach life fearlessly and I try to teach my daughter to do the same. I pride myself in creating a happy, comfortable, spirited home full of love.


I will take the same love and care that I pour into my home to create a space that nurtures your family…" Jenni

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